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Ralf Kaiser

I am Ralf Kaiser and welcome to my site! I am: ♦ Aficianado of Optimal Trading Strategies in Stocks, ETFs, ES Futures and Forex ♦ Incorporating effective strategies in to high performing portfolios ♦ Husband to ONE; Father to THREE

Ralf Kaiser is passionate about successful trading strategies in the stock, ETF, futures and Forex markets After 20 years in the investment management industry and experience with numerous asset classes and trading securities, he has a true appreciation for what works and what achieves amazing trading results!

STOCK/ETF TRADING:  Ralf Kaiser is a quantatative stock trader. His approach to building a stock portfolio is based on well defined rules that focus on high probability stock trading, while minimizing volatility. Such an approach allows for complete historical testing for any portfolios. The following portfolios are currently being traded with their corresponding historical compounded annual rate of return (CAGR).

Long/Short Portfolio: 33.17% Sharpe: 3.22

Long Portfolio: 29.03% Sharpe: 2.31

Long ETF Portfolio: 18.87% Sharpe: 1.77

—„FUTURES TRADING:   Ralf Kaiser focuses on trading the ES futures. He trades using an order flow methodology within a strong community of like minded traders. This strategy also encompasses an uncanny ability to define key levels where the ES futures will turn. Why order flow? Order flow PRECEDES price!

—„FOREX TRADING:   Ralf Kaiser is the author of the book, "The Complete Forex Trader". This book is the result of his experience trading the EURUSD. Forex Trading Strategies: Ralf Kaiser is the co-developer of Forex Trading Strategies. This is the result of doing extensive research of forex signal providers and expert advisors to determine "what works". Ralf Kaiser saw a hole in the forex trading world and Forex Trading Strategies is the result of this work. Forex Trading Strategies has produced historically tested results of over 30% compounded annual returns since 2003. *as always, past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Ralf Kaiser's Background

Ralf Kaiser's Experience

Vice President, Sales, Western Canada at Franklin Templeton Investments

1997 - 2007

I worked with the greatest mutual fund sales team in the WORLD!!!

Full Time Trader | Emini and Futures Trading at Altima Trading

1995 - 1996

My first experience in futures trading and specializing in the SP futures and ES futures and OEX options.

Director of Sales, Western Canada | Stock Trading Algorithm Developed at Roycom Securities Ltd

1994 - 1995

Involved in the sales, marketing and trading of real estate mutual funds.

Real Estate Broker | Futures and Stock Trading at Colliers International

1990 - 1994

Specialized in the sales of shopping centres and industrial properties and the leasing of industrial properties.

President & CEO; Head of Trading ¦ Consultant to Stock, ETF, Futures Traders ¦ Edmonton at kaiserEDGE Ltd

2010 - Present

We create optimal trading strategies in the Stock, ETF, Futures and Forex markets

Author at "The Complete Forex Trader"

December 2009

A definitive guide for Forex traders.

Trading Developer of the successful EURUSD trading method at "10 pips in 10 minutes"

November 2009

A simple technique for scalping 10 pips from the EURUSD.

Ralf Kaiser's Education

University of Alberta

1984 – 1989

B.Sc; B. Com

Concentration: Finance

Ralf Kaiser's Interests & Activities

Stock Trading; ETF Trading; Futures Trading; Portfolio Management; Portfolio Strategies; Technical Analysis; Equities; Asset Management; Investments; Stocks; Trading Strategies; FX Trading; Risk Management; Traders; Proprietary Trading; ETFs; Quantitative Investing; Strategic Investment Management; Automated Trading; ETF Trading; Preferred Stock; Small Cap Stocks; Stock Portfolios

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